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LED Lighting Contractor

  The Aztec Turn Key Lighting Solutions

When it comes to turn key lighting solutions for existing lighting framework, or brand new LED lighting fixtures and design, having an LED lighting contractor will help. At Aztec Energy Group Inc., we offer both, LED turn key lighting solutions and new installations from ground zero.


Our in-house LED lighting contractor, along with our expert designer, will create the lighting layout and design best suited for your business needs. They will discuss and talk to you about the new lighting system and specify all products that would need to be installed. These considerations may include lighting aspects such as lighting controls, occupancy sensors, or daylight sensors, among others.


It is worth the time, effort, money, and the good of your company to get the right lighting system for your business. Better and longer-lasting lighting that remains clear and bright without flickering or haze, is good for your employees. And it will also help prevent an employee from grabbing the wrong bar code because of poor lighting. How much will it cost to have that pallet returned, hopefully before it is delivered?


Then the benefit of savings on your lighting expenses is without saying. Using LED lighting, and in particular, for business purposes, can also make getting a rebate very likely. At Aztec, we are thoroughly experienced in dealing with PSEG Long Island, Consolidated Edison, and NYSERDA. These relationships help us to get our clients the greatest rebate possible.


If you would like to get a lighting audit, then contact our experienced and professional team at the Aztec Energy Group Inc., and let us turn the lights on for you and your business. LED is a better way to light, and it is lighting the way into the future.

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