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LED Lighting Rebates

  Your Company May Qualify for PSEG Rebates

Do you know if your company could qualify for LED Lighting Rebates like the PSEG Rebates program? Were you even aware that there were LED Lighting Rebates available? Don't worry if you didn't, you wouldn't be alone. Of course, we are in the lighting, and in particular, the LED lighting business, and that also means we are more than aware of benefits like the PSEG rebates.


When you think of PSEG Rebates think of the Five Star Energy Programs or the NJ Clean Energy program for example. These fall under the PSEG blanket and Aztec we work closely with organizations like PSEG Long Island, Consolidated Edison, and NYSERDA to get you those rebates.


If you are in the process of revamping your old lighting system or need lighting for your new or existing business, consider LED lighting options. Then consider LED lighting rebates, in addition to all of the benefits of LED lighting. Those are benefits like longevity, reduced lighting expenses, and less required maintenance.


To get a lighting audit, or for questions about rebates or getting LED lighting for your business, contact the experienced LED lighting professionals at the Aztec Energy Group Inc. Put our expertise to work for your business and let LED lighting options work for all of your company's lighting needs.

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