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Commercial LED Lighting and
EV Charging Stations


Service, Innovation, Gratitude


We will survey your site to determine the best, and most economical solution for you. LED lighting, EV Charging Station, or both.


We are committed to creating a design that best suits your needs for better lighting, reduced electric costs or EV Stations.


Years of experience dealing with PSEG ConEd and NYSERDA ensures you receive the greatest rebate possible.


Our installation crew made up of licensed & insured 

electricians work to ensure each project is completed smoothly and up to code.



“I rated Aztec five stars because I could not give 6 stars! Michael Richter was so knowledgeable about the products and rebates his professionalism was quite evident. I would recommend Aztec to anyone who is looking to save money on their lighting expense..."

Don Molloy, President - Technimetal Precision

EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles are the fastest growing segment in today's environment. It is important for your hotel, shopping center, workplace or apartment complex to be able to provide the charging needs required by this group of guests. 

Every inquiry you receive for an EV station from a potential guest or customer is someone you will lose to a competitor with charging stations.


After all the work and capital expended to attract guests and customers to your facility, don't lose them for not having an EV charger available.

Ask us how you can put charging stations on your property at no cost to you. This program is limited and will not last forrever.

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Contact Us Today for a Free audit & LED lighting estimate | (631) 608-2888

LED lighting, more than just energy saving

ROI - Saving energy through efficiency has a very short payback and a high Return on Investment.  BY PSEG Long Island paying for a substantial portion of the project cost through rebates, we are seeing ROI's often less than 2 years. For assets that are expected to last 15-25 years, that's not too shabby.


Better Working Conditions - We see many facilites with sub-standard lighting.  Fluorescent, incandescent and HID lamps deplete quickly over time, giving off much less light than originally designed and required.  The illumination from LED lighting depreciates at a much slower rate. More light results in safer working conditions, less eye strain and less employee fatigue.

Better Employee Performance - Picking the wrong SKU from a warehouse rack or missing fine scratches on a finished product are the result of poor lighting. These mistakes cost the company money and loss of revenue.

Reduced Maintenance - No more lamp and ballast replacements means actual savings in dollars and man power, better used to improve your production.

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Provide your customers with what they need

Long Island has the most electric vehicles in New York State and the amount is expected to increase substantially over the next few years. 

Now is the time to take advantage of our program and outfit your property with multiple EV charging stations.

Attract those customers, tenants and guests that drive EV's.


Increase your business by attracting this new group of early adapters.

Over 1,000+ Completed Installations

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