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Commercial LED Lighting


Service, Innovation, Gratitude



Curious how much money you could be saving by switching over to LED? Schedule a free on site audit today!


Our designers are committed to reducing your electric bill with an LED design that is perfectly suited to your business.


Years of experience dealing with PSEG ConEd and NYSERDA insures our clients receive the greatest rebate possible


Our installation crew made up of licensed & insured 

electricians work to ensure each project is completed smoothly and up to code.



“I rated Aztec five stars because I could not give 6 stars! Michael Richter was so knowledgeable about the products and rebates his professionalism was quite evident. I would recommend Aztec to anyone who is looking to save money on their lighting expense..."

Don Molloy, President - Technimetal Precision

Contact Us Today for a Free audit & LED lighting estimate | (631) 608-2888

LED lighting, more than just energy saving

ROI - Saving energy through efficiency has a very short payback and a high Return on Investment.  BY PSEG Long Island paying for a substantial portion of the project cost through rebates, we are seeing ROI's often less than 2 years. For assets that are expected to last 15-25 years, that's not too shabby.


Better Working Conditions - We see many facilites with sub-standard lighting.  Fluorescent, incandescent and HID lamps deplete quickly over time, giving off much less light than originally designed and required.  The illumination from LED lighting depreciates at a much slower rate. More light results in safer working conditions, less eye strain and less employee fatigue.

Better Employee Performance - Picking the wrong SKU from a warehouse rack or missing fine scratches on a finished product are the result of poor lighting. These mistakes cost the company money and loss of revenue.

Reduced Maintenance - No more lamp and ballast replacements means actual savings in dollars and man power, better used to improve your production.

Light Only Where It's Needed

We often survey warehouses and manufacturing plants to discover that many are mostly empty all day but the high powered lighting, often 400 watt metal halides, are burning bright all day. 


Where permitted, we install occupancy sensors that turn off each LED light when a pre-set period of vacancy occurs.  As soon as a person enters the monitored zone, the light comes on immediately to full brightness, with no warm up.  Upon leaving the zone, the light will turn off after a pre-set time, continuing to save you money.

Healthier Work Environments

Old office fluorescent lighting is often powered by magnetic ballasts which oscillate at only 300cps.  This results in a flickering which can be detected but often not seen by the human eye.  This condition causes fatigue and dizziness in employees.  Our new LED lighting is flicker free, giving a  healthier light to work under all day.

After an LED upgrade, in our opinion, employees feel better, absences decrease, productivity increases. That's why we call it "Performance Lighting."

Over 400+ Completed LED Installations

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