A qualified lighting consultant will walk through your facility, making note of the following factors:

  1. Type of facility, use and location of each area (office, shop, warehouse, store, garage etc…)

  2. Ceiling height, fixture height

  3. Number of luminaires (fixtures), number of lamps in each luminaire, type of lamps (T12, T8, T5, incandescent, metal halide, mercury vapor etc…), wattage and length of each length, temperature of each lamp (often referred to as color 2700k, 3000k, 4100k, 5000k etc)

  4. Light levels presently produced in foot candles.

  5. Existing lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, timers etc…

The auditor will then make notes citing his recommendations for new LED lighting and lighting controls. 

Information gathering – during our lighting assessment, we will gather information from the customer which will help us design the new lighting to the specific needs of the customer.  Information such as business hours, number of employees working in specific areas as well as needs and desires of the customer are obtained, noted and considered so that the new design properly conforms to the operations and expectation of the business owner.