Consulting Services for Contractors and Electricians

As experts in designing LED lighting systems and filing for Utility, State and Federal rebates and incentives, we can offer you our services so that you can focus on what you do best.

We Can Help You Prepare Estimates:

We can perform the following services for you:
1.  Perform a lighting survey of the facility to determine the best replacement.
2.  Prepare specifications for the new LED fixtures that will maximize the energy savings, rebate and benefit to your customer.
3.  Provide you with a proposal for all material, which can be purchased through us, minimizing your time required to shop, purchase, and receive the materials.
4.  Advise you standard labor rates for the industry so that your proposal is competitive.

Let Us Be Your In House Lighting Experts:

Leave the estimating and rebate calculations/processing to us.  We can even join you in presenting your proposal to your customer.  Often, we can supply sample lighting fixtures for your customer to see.

Why the Materials are Critical:

Whether it is a prescriptive or a custom rebate program, the materials must always meet certain standards and specifications to qualify for the rebate/incentive.  Most often, the LED lamps and fixtures must either be Energy Star or Design Lights Consortium (DLC) listed.  In all cases the material must be UL or ETL listed but in some cases they must be UL or ETL Classified.  Installing materials that do not meet the proper qualifications will disqualify your project from receiving a rebate.  We insure that all products quoted meet the required guidelines to qualify for the utility rebate programs.

Use Our Warehouse to Receive Your Materials:

If you have us purchase your materials, we can either have them shipped to you, your customer or you can have them shipped to our warehouse facilities until you need them.  No need to stay back in the office waiting for deliveries.