Upgrade to LED lighting, increase performance, conserve energy and save money.

With rising electric costs, upgrading to LED lighting is an easy way to reduce your overhead, improve your operation's performance and increase your profits.  Use your savings to feed your business, not your utility company.

LED lighting will reduce your energy costs, but there are other benefits too.  Read below...



Office Lighting

Healthier Environment

Old office fluorescent lighting is often powered by magnetic ballasts which oscillate at only 300cps.  This results in a flickering which can be detected but often not seen by the human eye.  This condition causes fatigue and dizziness in employees.  Our new LED lighting is flicker free, giving a  healthier light to work under all day.

After an LED upgrade, in our opinion, employees feel better, absences decrease, productivity increases. That's why we call it "Performance Lighting."


Warehouse Lighting

Light Only Where Needed

We often survey warehouses and manufacturing plants to discover that many are mostly empty all day but the high powered lighting, often 400 watt metal halides, are burning bright all day.  Where the operations of a facility permit, we install occupancy sensors on each LED Highbay being installed.  This turns off each light when a pre-set period of vacancy occurs.  As soon as a person enters the monitored zone, the light comes on immediately to full brightness, with no warm up.  Upon leaving the zone, the light will turn off after a pre-set time (30 seconds to 25 minutes, depending on the use of the area).

The result, light only the areas you need to.  Our business owners love seeing the lights turn off, knowing they are saving the maximum amount of electricity.


Outdoor Lighting

Eliminate Costly Maintenance

Replacing existing metal halide, mercury vapor or halogen lighting with new LED heads eliminates the need for costly lamp replacement and creates a virtually maintenance free lighting system for typically over 15 years.  Each of our exterior fixture is controlled by its own photocell turning that light on exactly when needed and off exactly when not needed.  No more adjusting time clocks and having these high powered  lights burn during the day.

The result, a huge maintenance savings, in addition to an electric savings, in your annual operating budget.